Congratulations to our team for formalizing In The People’s Corner’s status as a 501c3 non-profit organization!

Read Mission Statement "We will stand up for what is right,
for what is fair and what is just.

Healthcare is a right and not a privilege."

— John Lewis

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Caring for the Needs of the Los Angeles Community

In The People’s Corner (ITPC) is a 501c3 non-profit grassroots organization that advocates for racial equality by addressing health disparities in Los Angeles, through the provision of free health services to Los Angeles’ underserved and disengaged homeless persons.

One way that ITPC does this is by locating areas in Los Angeles that have pronounced health disparities and partnering with health organizations to provide free goods and multidisciplinary services at a monthly mobile event called Louie’s Clinic.

Some of the major capacities in which we operate are:

  • General health screenings
  • COVID testing, HIV testing, and flu shots
  • Mental health support services
  • Narcan training and opioid overdose prevention

Free Medical Services

We are dedicated to providing the best care for our community.

Mental health, COVID testing, flu shots, HIV testing, blood pressure/sugar, and cholesterol screening.

Access to health information related to flu, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, and free community opportunities.

Distribution of harm reduction kits, hand sanitizer, face masks, food, water, and donated clothes.

Unified Care
Collaboration with local organizations to address health disparities faced by people experiencing homelessness.

Ways You Can Help

A large part of what ITPC is about is collaborating with health organizations to provide free health services to our vulnerable populations. This is made possible through formation of partnerships and through the donations of sponsors.

Educational Resources

Did you know that racial disparities adversely affect healthcare outcomes? Click here to learn more about social determinants of health in LA County

The Clinic In Action

Meet The Team

Aditya Jones, DO

Founder, Clinical Director

Christina Vu, DO

Vice President

Adam Freeman, DO

Clinic Coordinator

James Walton

Public Relations

Paige Kmetz-Cutrone, RN, BSN, MICN

Team Nurse

Nikolas Victoria

Community Health Advocate
Public Relations Intern


Donors & Sponsors